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Immersion in nature or immersion in something that produces anxiety for therapy. Immersion in music or immersion in crowds full of strangers. This immersive pathway can flood your mind and force a reset or an internal confrontation. What makes you panic? What makes you depressed? What brings you into the light of love and happiness? Are you lost within’ the wrinkles of your mind? Hiding inside yourself with extreme social anxiety? Did the man at the bowling alley just smile and calmly spray the shoes with a disinfectant? Have you unraveled all the way? Spun out into oblivion? Crushed by your own broken heart and the dozens that surround you. Has it made you want to escape to the outer reaches? You need your space and you like to be alone now. It’s better than being with people. People don’t call you back. They don’t follow through. You did an experiment to see if anybody would get in touch with you. There were only 2. You’ve got to do the dialing, otherwise, it’s a recipe to be lonely. It was self-inflicted. Did you enjoy the loneliness of the pandemic? Being forced into desolation when you were that way all along. After the pandemic, we will get together again. Does that idea horrify you? Have you followed your heart and realized it took you down the darkest alley. Is the tombstone really a sand sculpture being washed into the sea? I’ve got to pay one last respect before the tide rolls in. Remember the people. Remember all of them who died as the whole world cried. Was it only crocodile tears that monarch butterflies drink from? They needed the sodium chloride. But the people only cried a little and then forgot about it. Like it never even happened. I drove the casket back to Kansas City to the final resting place. I was the pallbearer. 


released August 25, 2023

All Songs Written By David Dondero
Recorded and Mixed by Juniana Lanning and John Shepski at Fluff and Gravy Studios
Additional Recording By David Dondero
Produced By David Dondero, John Shepski, and Juniana Lanning

David Dondero: Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Percussion Harmonica
Juniana Lanning: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
John Shepski: Bass, Piano, Wurlitzer, Glockenspiel
Patrick B Spurgeon: Drums
Paul Brainard: String Arrangement, Pedal Steel
Anna Tivel: Violin
Skip VonKuske: Cello
Nick Clark: Harmonica
Daren Hanlon: Spoken Word

all rights reserved

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